The Wheelchair Foundation

wf_logoGigi and I support and love our dear friend Ken Behring, founder of the Wheelchair Foundation.  The Foundation has given out close to 1,000,000 wheelchairs globally! Please take a few minutes to watch this first video as it shows the heart of this wonderful organization. The second video clip is from our trip to South Africa where we were involved with several distributions and had the wonderful opportunity to interview Steve Trollip , head of the Rotary South African District 9250 at our first distribution at the Hoedspruit Hlokomela Aids Clinic. As much as we talk about all things beauty . . .  beauty radiates from within and we can tell you from personally assisting someone into a wheelchair, that nothing is more fulfilling and beautiful than a smile of gratitude from a fellow human being.

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A very important message from Sue and Gigi

This video is what Gigi and I have been talking about for years . . . it is so important to be aware!

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Sue’s Skin Story

cosmetic dictionaryMany women have asked me over the years what I do to take care of my skin and where this little “obsession” with skincare came from.  It all started with severe acne when in my teens.

I went through hell as a teenager, my mother right along with me.  I’m sure if any of you who have children with horrible acne can relate . . .  there is no peace!  She took me to so many different dermatologists . . . honestly, nothing worked.

My life changed when I started using a line of specialized skincare from the now famous Dr. James Fulton (I believe the line was called “Face Up”).  How we got his name, I don’t remember, but in my world, he was a gift from God.  I used his products religiously and my skin issues were finally under control  Oh, BTW, did I mention he also co-developed Retin A?

It was kind of a nightmare as I had to use this pink face scrub, main ingredient was benzoyl peroxide, and I had to sleep with a thick, goopy face mask in varying degrees until I got better. Oh and you can’t exactly move around and sleep in the positions you’re used to as the mask would end up all over the place!  Many sleepless nights . . .  but worth it. My mother used to say to me all the time . . .  “if one wants to be beautiful, one must suffer“!

Well, the rest is history as they say.  I learned how to take care of my skin.  I learned which ingredients were good and which ones to avoid. It’s still a struggle . . .  now it’s perimenopausal HORMONES! Does it never end? Over the years I started my own skincare library and my go to is A Consumer’s Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients by Ruth Winter, M.S. pictured here.  And having apps right at my finger tips, I can look up products, reviews, and ingredients right from my iPhone.  If you see me at a cosmetic counter spending more time on my cell than with the salesperson, you’ll know I’m probably on the BEAUTYPEDIA app from Paula Begoun  . . . a phenomenal app attached to her website loaded with great information.  I highly recommend it!  Knowledge is power Ladies!


We’re back! A little older . . . a little wiser . . . and more passionate than ever! There are a few posts below from our old Blog but moving forward, we wish to impart our recent experiences, both positive and negative, to assist you all with what works, what doesn’t, and please have some fun! Everything we share is certainly beneficial on the “outside”, but we all have to start with the “inside”. Make peace with yourself and own your power Ladies! We all have our own special gifts that we are blessed with and Gigi and I are sharing ours. We are at that place in life where we feel that aging can be a distress call! Our previous Blog said it all . . . S.O.S.! Well, we are simply “Sisters Offering Secrets” . . . we are here to help! Please feel free to respond to anything we post, we wish to learn from you as well! And for the most part, you will learn our strengths separately . . . Gigi is the “scientist” and I, Sue, am the “artist”. I think that will come across moving forward and that balance will hopefully grace your lives in some way. Namaste!