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Our intention is to empower women, to share our secrets, to assist you in finding answers on your journey to aging gracefully, beautifully, spiritually.

We wish to impart our favorite tried and true skin and hair care products, non surgical procedures, fashion tips, beauty resources, along with our own experiences and personal philosophies.

To connect with other "over 40" women is an honor. To offer guidance to younger women is a joy. Our goals are the same as yours . . . to remain relevant, informed, healthy both body and soul, and of course awesome at any age!

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Blog Posts

Color Correcting – Cosmetic Micropigmentation

Gigi and I are huge fans of cosmetic micropigmentation.  Basically a "tattoo" that looks like makeup but should look natural as well.  A brow or lip should look "natural".  Eyeliner, obviously will look like makeup.  That all depends on the expertise of the professional doing the work.  Colors can … [Read More...]

Sculptra Aesthetic – the liquid face lift (part 2)

A further look at how Peri Corsiglia of Allure Aesthetics in Novato, California uses Sculptra to stimulate collagen growth thereby creating a "face lift". … [Read More...]

My UV Patch

This technology is intriguing and important to share.  By now we all know that getting a tan from the sun isn't good for our skin, let alone a sunburn! (remember . . . the skin on your face should look like the skin on your ass, if it doesn't, you have aged yourself).  That part is about beauty . . … [Read More...]