A Fashion MUST

I have always said there are specific fashion “must haves”  (this predominately applies to the “fashionistas” out there) . . . great fitting jeans (never out of fashion and at any age), great fitting crisp white shirts, a leather jacket, a fabulous trench coat, the perfect “LBD”, killer black pumps (I still believe no one does a more perfect pump than Christian Louboutin), a killer bag . . .  and then the splurge of all splurges . . . a Chanel jacket (unless you really want to go to the next level and throw in an Hermes Birkin!).

Many don’t really know the history of THE Chanel jacket . . . they just know it’s a highly coveted item. Well . . .  here’s a little snippet for you . . .

Now I realize we are talking at least four figures here . . . so I’m not saying to go out and max out your card or do anything you are uncomfortable doing . . . I have seen over the years many second hand shops that resell wonderful used Chanel pieces . . .  even the perfect jacket.  It’s worth the investment brand new or used as you will have it the rest of your life!  It’s THE classic jacket. Cost per wear Ladies!

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