A favorite product line

Over the years I have been asked which products I use.  Just this morning a good friend asked which eye cream I recommend for someone in their late 20’s to someone in their 60’s.   Gigi and I are very picky when it comes to products.  We’ll try just about anything, but at the end of the day, we look for clean and natural products . . .  and they are out there without the ridiculous price tags!   This line has very simple packaging (which is where most of your $$$ goes by the way) and is not advertised all over the place (marketing dollars that the consumer pays for!).   About 80% of my skin care regimen is a line called Professional Solutions.  They can be ordered on line (see Recommends . . .  www.go2skin.com) or purchased from an esthetician that carries it.  This company is essentially a private label/contract manufacturing enterprise founded by a world renowned plastic surgeon.  Their philosophy is to create skin care products that are safe and natural that stimulate and accelerate the skins natural healing process as well as rejuvenation and restoration of over-stressed and dehydrated skin.   They do private label products for some of the most famous Dr.’s and Derms as well as their own line, Professional Solutions.  I literally cannot live without their products.  Some of my favorites are . . . ATX Double Action Serum (I use around my eye area where crows feet normally show), Corrective Anti-Wrinkle Mask (my evening moisturizer, it’s not a “mask” even though they call it that), Cucumber Eye Cream and the Vitamin K/DCX/Arnica Eye Cream.  These products are loaded with peptides, antioxidants and active ingredients but not prescription strength ingredients.   I truly believe that my skin looks as good as it does because of Professional Solutions.  Happy shopping!

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