A Natural Beauty & Model . . . Daphne Selfe


And she doesn’t believe in Botox!  Or anything for that matter outside of eating healthy, staying active, and continually working!

This is Daphne Selfe and for those of you in the U.S. . . .  she’s a phenom in the UK!  Daphne is in her late 80’s and she’s still modeling!  My sister gave me her book as she knew I would appreciate the story of such a woman.  And I most certainly did!  It’s a quick and simple read, but it’s her story and it’s real.

I have spent the past few months in the UK and Europe and I can say this with absolute certainty . . . women there are NATURAL beauties!  It was so refreshing!  You simply don’t see “jacked up” faces over there . . . and I loved it!  Has me rethinking a lot of things . . . .  Daphne is inspiring to be sure!






  1. I love your blog and the Daphne Selfe article is inspiring. I am in my early 70’s and for me, she in an inspiration for aging with grace.

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