About Us

DSC_6950Gigi Hendricks and Sue Kolbas met because people were convinced they were twins and found the resemblance uncanny. A deep and respectful friendship blossomed. As “identical” as they are, they are also very different women leading very different lives. Gigi and her husband are both pilots with a love of travel, adventure, sharing and giving. Gigi has honed her talents in event planning as she and her husband support many causes. Sue is career driven due to her independent nature and love of sales, marketing and connecting with people. Sue is an “all inclusive consultant” assisting women in skin care/fashion/wellness while also assisting small businesses with launching/fine tuning their products/brands.  Both women now find the path to aging in a healthy manner and sharing what they have learned, a high priority. They believe in a natural approach, balancing technology and science with holistic and spiritual means. Remaining true to oneself, loving yourself and giving of yourself, is the key to an authentic life. That alone will keep you young, healthy and deeply fulfilled.