Aging Locks

hair6I can say one thing with absolute certainty . . .  everything begins to change in your perimenopausal years.  For the most part, that is, your forties. EVERYTHING.  I had stick straight “Marcia Brady” hair my whole life.  Permed it, curled it, slept with rollers, you name it.  Now . . . I have wavy, even curly hair!  A totally different head quite frankly! Yes, age is a factor . . . along with years of frying my head.  I am at a point in my life where I am simply BEING.  Being INTUITIVE to what my body wants and needs.  That includes my hair.  I have stopped blow-drying and using a flat iron . . . no more frying.  I am “listening” to my hair and leaving it alone.  THIS IS A HARD THING TO DO!

You are probably noticing a shift in what’s available.  We baby boomers are changing everything and new products are bombarding us daily.  Have you seen ads or have you tried any BB or CC creams? For your hair?  Well, that’s the latest.  BB creme, beauty balm (Pantene launched) and CC cream, complete correction (Alterna), Keratin, etc., products for the hair similar in concept to the skin. Feed the hair/scalp with great ingredients . . . increase elasticity, preserve color, fortify strands, etc.  This is great, except so many of these companies are still using horrible ingredients in their products especially their shampoos , i.e. sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate for starters. These ingredients (surfactants) emulsifies fat and drys out the skin because of its degreasing ability which is irritating to the skin. Detergent people!!  That lather is detergent!  There are so many toxic, nasty ingredients (formaldehyde, petrochemicals,etc.) in these products and they are literally stripping our hair and scalp of its health. As much as these companies are coming out with products to address concerns of aging hair, with bad ingredients nothing is going to change.  Again . . .  please learn to read the ingredient list on your products!

That being said, and my quest for something better AND healthy, I caved and ordered a product from this guy, Chaz Dean, whom I’ve seen on TV . . . infomercials and QVC. If he isn’t doing something right, how could he still be around?  I can honestly say his WEN line of products is fabulous . . . I LOVE IT!!!!  My hair has totally changed. Now keep in mind, I stopped blow-drying too.  But whatever the reason, just take a look at the ingredients on his products. Enough said.



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