Anti-Aging Facials – Preparing the Skin

This is part two of Gigi’s cleanse by Terese Eastman of Skin Techniques in Petaluma (  Terese is preparing Gigi’s skin for maximum penetration of product and mechanical stimulation.  This cleanse also includes manual extractions which many are not in favor of. Because Gigi and I have suffered with acne, we do in fact favor this.  Quite frankly, it is a must and because our skin has proven difficult to manage, we can’t emphasize enough how important a thorough cleansing is.  Removing the dead skin cells from the epidermis is paramount to maintaining that youthful glow and making sure that high quality products can penetrate deep enough to prove efficacious. Again, we are choosing to breakdown Gigi’s facial in a series of videos, it will get really interesting moving forward.  Stay tuned!

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