Bikini Ready

Just got back from a wonderful two weeks in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where I spent 90 % of my time frolicking around in bikinis; feeling confident and looking pretty damn good for 51, if I do say so myself.

Perhaps this was due to the Exilis treatments I have received over the past few months. I must tell you that I am down at least one size; my thighs are slimmer and tighter now, than they have been in years. I am mindful of diet and exercise too, but am truly impressed with this new machine, and I’ve tried many others! Exilis has made a difference for me; I’m thrilled with my results, and continue treatments on a quarterly basis for maintenance.

Exilis Therapy is a body shaping and tissue tightening, non surgical, no downtime series of treatments using a FDA approved device using RF or radio frequency energy for fat reduction and skin laxity anywhere on the body.

The downside is that it is very time consuming, if done correctly, can get a bit pricey, and isn’t widely available in the Bay Area. As always, good results rely on the skill level of the technician. I can only recommend Geraldine at Reviv Med Spa in Millbrae. She takes the time to do several passes per area, i.e. inner thighs, outer thighs or lower buttocks to ensure good result for her clients. Check out their website for more information and pricing: or call 650 697-3339.

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