Anti-Aging Facials – Oxygen Dome

The grand finale in an all encompassing anti-aging facial and secondary modality of an oxygen treatment.  Terese Eastman of Skin Techniques in Petaluma, California ( puts the finishing touch on Gigi’s facial by placing an oxygen dome on her face.  This treatment hydrates and heals the skin along with greater product penetration.

There is something that needs mention with oxygen therapy as it is considered by some to be controversial.  Aestheticians and patients may dismiss the theory as the results are immediate and evident (let’s face it, we all love immediate gratification), but we would be remiss not to mention that some industry experts believe that bombarding the skin with and overuse of this type of oxygen treatment (wand and dome) may lead to increased free radical activity.  As with anything, more is not necessarily better and it is always advisable not to overindulge in anything externally or internally.  We always preach “balance” and that too applies to your facials.

Anti-Aging Facials – Microcurrent Mask

Below you will see another modality of electrotherapy that Terese Eastman of Skin Techniques in Petaluma ( uses in her facials.  This is a mask of microcurrent added for greater product penetration, increased circulation and the lifting and toning effect that this technology is known for.

Anti-Aging Facials – Oxygen

Here’s a little secret . . . the majority of celebrities have this treatment prior to walking the red carpet! It’s instant gratification and we know because we’ve been incorporating an oxygen treatment into our facials for years.  I personally have done this more in the winter months as that’s the only time I tend to be a little dryer, but for those of you who are on the dryer side as a skin type, it can be a year round treatment.  The great thing about this treatment is that you will see more “plumped” skin immediately.

Terese Eastman of Skin Techniques in Petaluma ( is using the “Bio-Oxygen – oxygen infusion system” in Gigi’s anti-aging facial.  The “intraceutical infusion” by Intraceuticals is another player in the industry with this technology. This is just one aspect of an oxygen treatment.

Anti-Aging Facials – Microcurrent

About ten or twelve years ago, Gigi and I went to New York for a girls weekend to do a little shopping   . . . well actually a LOT of shopping (!), enjoy some great restaurants,  get in some culture . . .  everything you want to do when in the big apple.  So . . . being the skin obsessed women that we are  . . .  we also HAD to make an appointment with the queen of all electrocurrents, Tracie Martyn.  This British-born beauty expert was one of the first to market and incorporate this technology (it has actually been around for decades but Tracie really put it on the map) into an anti-aging/re-sculpting facial (she actually trademarked her “Resculptor”) and along with a great line of skincare products, we knew we had to experience everything she had to offer. We were hooked.  Microcurrent is a form of cosmetic electrotherapy and there is no better tool to achieve a firmer, lifted appearance.   It is has been referred to as a “non-surgical facelift”.   Microcurrent uses low level electrical currents to provide lifting and toning of the facial muscles especially noticeable in the eyebrows and jowls, improve circulation and product penetration.

Below you will see Terese Eastman of Skin Techniques in Petaluma ( applying this technology to Gigi in her facial.  This is actually one of two microcurrent applications you will see Terese use.


Anti-Aging Facials – high frequency treatment

This video is a quick peek at a treatment that works well on problematic skin.  It only takes a few minutes and in Gigi’s case is an “add-on” in her regular facial if she is experiencing any breakouts.  It is a hollow glass tube (comes in different shapes to treat different parts of the face and body) that converts oxygen into ozone through high frequency alternating currents which kills bacteria, enhances blood circulation, and heals the skin.  It can be used as a spot treatment as well.  It is an interesting “zapping” sensation or a “spark” type sensation on the skin and is not painful.  Terese Eastman of Skin Techniques in Petaluma is the “esty” on this video.

Anti-Aging Facials – LED

Terese Eastman of Skin Techniques in Petaluma ( applies the power of LED, light-emitting diodes, to Gigi in her regular anti-aging facial.  There is no skin tissue injury or patient discomfort with this treatment.  This amber colored light spectrum (580-600 nanometers) stimulates collagen production, kills bacteria present in acneic skin, heals skin tissue,  improves circulation and is said to assist in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.  This non-invasive photo facial has no down time and is safe for use on the neck, chest, and hands as well.  The effects are cumulative.

Anti-Aging Facials – Preparing the Skin

This is part two of Gigi’s cleanse by Terese Eastman of Skin Techniques in Petaluma (  Terese is preparing Gigi’s skin for maximum penetration of product and mechanical stimulation.  This cleanse also includes manual extractions which many are not in favor of. Because Gigi and I have suffered with acne, we do in fact favor this.  Quite frankly, it is a must and because our skin has proven difficult to manage, we can’t emphasize enough how important a thorough cleansing is.  Removing the dead skin cells from the epidermis is paramount to maintaining that youthful glow and making sure that high quality products can penetrate deep enough to prove efficacious. Again, we are choosing to breakdown Gigi’s facial in a series of videos, it will get really interesting moving forward.  Stay tuned!

Anti-Aging Facials – Cleansing

Gigi and I thought it was about time to show what our facials really entail.  A facial is not just a “facial”. There is a huge difference between what you think it is and what it really should be, especially after the age of 40.

I filmed Gigi getting her “regular” anti-aging facial with the fabulous “esty” Terese Eastman of Skin Techniques in Petaluma (  This will be the first in a series of about six or so breaking down the entire treatment.  We felt it would be better absorbed individually as not all estheticians incorporate everything Terese does. Terese incorporates . . . manual deep cleaning (double cleanse)/exfoliation and/or microdermabrasion, microcurrent, LED (light emitting diodes), Bio-Oxygen, among a myriad of other services.   This is a powerhouse full “anti-aging”  facial and the commitment to regular facials such as this, along with a great skincare regimen, diet and exercise too, will absolutely have cumulative effects on your skin.  Gigi is living proof . . . more to come!

Anti-Aging Facial Treatments

Guest Blogger: Peg De Graaf, Clinical Esthetician. My philosophy on face treatments for women over 40, is to stimulate the body to repair itself. Exfoliate, stimulate, nourish, and repair. Nature slows down to a crawl as we age so you need to assist nature; exfoliate with acids (glycolic, salicylic, malic, lactic, retinoids, citric etc.) and manually with microdermabrasion. This is the wounding process which brings blood to the tissue and kicks in the lymphatic system. Next is to stimulate with micro-current, radio frequency, LED light and ultrasound. Each modality has its purpose either to stimulate muscle to contract and tighten, heat the dermis so the fibroblast produces more collegan in the cells, then nourish and repair with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, lipids, peptides, telomeres, white and red tea, squalene, resveratrol, human growth factor, arbutin and the list goes on. A good anti-aging skin care regimen involves advanced clinical care over a long period of time, home care with high quality products with active ingredients and aggressive sun protection. Any questions e-mail me


I must admit that I never had regular facials . . . . never really needed one . . . . until I turned 40! The one thing . . . the most NOTICEABLE difference in my skin (other than great skin care products) are the “anti-aging” facials that I get now once every 4 to 6 weeks. Ladies, if you are working out (and I know most of us are and have to!) and you take the time to work out your body, you MUST work on your face! I’ll tell what you need to know about anti-aging facials from my perspective. I will then have a guest blogger come on, who is an expert – my good friend Peg De Graaf from Advanced Esthetics, and have her give you her professional, more detailed opinion as she can speak about all different skin types as I can only discuss older, oily skin that is still prone to breakouts. Gigi and I have had similar skin types until recently she mentioned getting a little dryer which I have not encountered. I’m sure she has incorporated something a little different in her facial routine because of it. (By the way as a side note here, if you live in an area that has “seasons” you will in fact become dryer in the winter, as I have noticed since my move to northern CA. We must come to grips with the fact that in certain climates, a “summer” skin care routine and a “winter” skin care routine are mandatory. You cannot use the same products year round in this case. More on this later).

The combination of microdermabrasion, ultra sound, and microcurrent is the workout your face needs to combat the signs of aging. Get rid of the dead skin cells at the surface which helps wrinkles become more pronounced (should be using some kind of retinoid, more on this later as well), and stimulate collagen production will give you the glow and help keep some kind of fullness that we have a tendency to lose over time. It won’t keep us as full as we were when we were younger, but it does help. I get more compliments on my skin now in my 40’s than I ever did in my 20’s or 30’s and I know it’s because of my facials.

Check out who is giving “anti-aging” facials in your area as it is not the same as a “regular” facial which is, by the way, useless if you’re over 40. Feels good, but useless.

It takes work Ladies, but at least there are some things we can do that helps!!