Gigi’s Favorite Workout – WaterGym

Watergym…this is NOT you’re grandmother’s water aerobics class!
I have been participating in this fun and challenging workout for at least a decade and absolutely love it.
We wear flotation belts and stay mainly in the deep end of the pool, so there is no impact on joints. We jog, bike, kick-box, cross country ski…all in the water without submerging our heads. It’s more difficult than it looks,  and you get resistance training (working against resistance of water), as well as an amazing cardio workout for an hour.

Lisa Schuller, WaterGym Instructor-Spin Director-Cycle Instructor, teaches this wonderful class . . .

Go to: for more info on this amazing workout.  And for sun protection/swim hats.

A fun way to workout . . . partner pilates!

Exercising can and should be fun!  Grab your partner or BFF and work up a good sweat and get your blood flowing . . . yes, it does help your skin look great!


This is a good stretch . . .


This one is challenging . . . but fun!  Pushing your hands together and upward, lift your upper body . . .  then hold it!!!


Another challenging pose and killer on the upper body . . . hold it . . .


Then take out your frustrations on an object instead of your partner if they couldn’t handle it!!!



My favorite way to workout . . . Pilates!

If you’re like me, and not crazy about going to a gym, try Pilates……it’s a great all around workout encompassing weight training, core strength, balance, stretching, and even cardio, all on one machine called a reformer. I’m fortunate to have a great teacher who is always changing things up, thereby keeping us challenged. If you are in the Petaluma area, try Lifestyle Pilates with Gretchen…she’s terrific! But, be prepared to work, no pain no gain!
The following is a small snippet of what we do in Pilates class, there are only three or four of us to a class, so we do get a lot of personal attention and instruction by the teacher.
Try it, you’ll like it!
In any event, just get out there and move your body. Find something you love, and just do it at least three times a week. It is sooooo important to remain active though mid life and beyond, we don’t want to lose any more muscle and bone mass than we have to, but instead want to remain fit,  trim and strong throughout our lifetime.


Exercise is my drug of choice!  Anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely LOVE to workout!  I workout for many reasons but the main ones are simply . . .  love those endorphins (that’s what I mean by “drug of choice”) . . . it’s the best stress reliever . . . and when you exercise “the blood flows and the skin glows!”  Obviously you want to be healthy and work out that heart muscle but you really don’t hear that much about what it does for your skin!  I can confirm that after a good workout, I get more compliments on my skin than at any other time of the day.  I constantly hear that my skin is glowing . . .  and it is!  Plus I drink a TON of water.  Another great secret to maintaining supple beautiful skin is HYDRATION and nothing is better than good clean water.

As I’ve aged, I have restructured my workout to be less cardio and more weights.  I read quite a bit about why women need strength training routines.  The main reasons are the ones you constantly hear about . . .  you will lose body fat . .  . you will reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes . . . you will become physically stronger, obviously.   But we also decrease our risk of osteoporosis as research has found that weight training can increase bone density (along with vibration therapy, more on that in a later blog as I’m testing it now and we do need an adequate amount of dietary calcium) and with stronger muscles we build stronger connective tissues and increase joint stability which acts as reinforcement for our joints which helps prevent injury.

It’s never too late to benefit from strength training . . . it helps fight depression and definitely improves your attitude.   If I can’t make it to the gym, I bought some simple dumbbells that I keep at home and switch the weights on them depending on which muscle group I’m targeting.  I watch TV and workout!  It’s not a heavy duty workout, but enough to make a difference, one you can see and definitely feel.  A great high!