A Natural Beauty & Model . . . Daphne Selfe


And she doesn’t believe in Botox!  Or anything for that matter outside of eating healthy, staying active, and continually working!

This is Daphne Selfe and for those of you in the U.S. . . .  she’s a phenom in the UK!  Daphne is in her late 80’s and she’s still modeling!  My sister gave me her book as she knew I would appreciate the story of such a woman.  And I most certainly did!  It’s a quick and simple read, but it’s her story and it’s real.

I have spent the past few months in the UK and Europe and I can say this with absolute certainty . . . women there are NATURAL beauties!  It was so refreshing!  You simply don’t see “jacked up” faces over there . . . and I loved it!  Has me rethinking a lot of things . . . .  Daphne is inspiring to be sure!





The Cumulative Effect


People are funny . . . almost everyone wants that one answer, that one big secret, the fastest and easiest way in or out or through whatever the issue is.  So many times we’re asked this . . . and every time we respond with “it’s not one thing, it’s everything.”  That’s the “big secret”!  Not exactly what most want to hear.  It’s sounds overwhelming.

On this blog, we speak the truth.  There is no miracle lotion, potion or cream.  There’s no pill or procedure to turn back time.  I recently added a quote on to one of my Pinterest boards that says . . . “Do not regret growing older, it’s a privilege denied to many.”  So true.

I have been speaking to so many people lately about just this.  They ask what we’re all about . . . and the first thing is health.  Without that, you have nothing.  After that is the “fluffy stuff”, but it too is important.  It does matter.  I have been on this planet 51 years now and I have never heard anyone, female or male, say they don’t want to look or feel better, that they don’t care how they look.  Never.

So the first thing I say to anyone that wants to look good for their age AND feel good for their age is . . .  take care of your health!  Be aware of what you are putting in and on your body.  Be aware of your thoughts . . . as negative people almost always look older than their years.  Be aware of your words and their impact.  Be aware.  Listen. Your body will tell you what it needs, what’s wrong, most simply don’t listen.  It’s the greatest machine on earth and your mind is the most powerful pharmacy there is. Use it.

Secondly . . . EXERCISE!  The human body was not meant to be idle, it was built to move.  I have really been observing this lately and have noticed that those who constantly move are ALWAYS healthier than couch potatoes or lazy individuals.  I have seen this over, and over, and over. This one is obvious. Whether it be yoga, a gym, walking or jogging regularly, something, anything. Do it.

Lastly, take advantage of the times we are living in.  The technology is unbelievable and yes, we do believe in it!  Facials aren’t just masks and moisturizers anymore.  The use of microdermabrasion, microcurrent, ultrasound, lasers, it all assists your skin to function in a healthy manner.  Fillers and toxins have their place too if you’re open to that.  But again, we always say, less is more!  And always using a well formulated and efficacious line of skincare products is paramount. Just using a good anti-aging cream and slapping it on your face every day isn’t going to cut it.  Or having one IPL treatment either.  Even if you do get a face lift . . . guess what?  It doesn’t last!!! Regular implementation of all mentioned is part of the cumulative effect to looking and feeling great whatever your age.

A Monument to Love . . . The Legend of Shalimar

When perusing YouTube or LuxeTV, I occasionally get really inspired to share.  If this isn’t the sexiest commercial film for a perfume I have ever seen, I don’t know what is!

An Indian princess awakened by Shah Jahan (Mughal emperor in the 1600’s who built the Taj Mahal for his beloved) sets the tone for this visual feast. Natalia Vodianova is in full-blown couture by designer Yiqing Yin with score by Hans Zimmer – Chevaliers de Sangreal . . . nice job Guerlain.

P.S.  if you get a commercial, click off quickly you don’t want to miss a minute of this.

The Wheelchair Foundation

wf_logoGigi and I support and love our dear friend Ken Behring, founder of the Wheelchair Foundation.  The Foundation has given out close to 1,000,000 wheelchairs globally! Please take a few minutes to watch this first video as it shows the heart of this wonderful organization. The second video clip is from our trip to South Africa where we were involved with several distributions and had the wonderful opportunity to interview Steve Trollip , head of the Rotary South African District 9250 at our first distribution at the Hoedspruit Hlokomela Aids Clinic. As much as we talk about all things beauty . . .  beauty radiates from within and we can tell you from personally assisting someone into a wheelchair, that nothing is more fulfilling and beautiful than a smile of gratitude from a fellow human being.

Please visit . . .  www.wheelchairfoundation.org . . .

Something to think about . . .

ultrapreventionI am not a doctor.  But I am going to give all who are interested a prescription . . .  BE INTUITIVE!

As I get older, and I have to believe “wiser”, I have become obsessed (in a good way) with wellness, wholeness, my well-being.  I think it’s natural when you hit your “mid-life”. I workout, I eat über healthy, I meditate, I work on being “present” each and every moment.  I try to live in a very “aware” space.  My cup is always full.

My father was a doctor . . . and he was great at it.  He never in all his years of practice had a malpractice suit or anything for that matter.  As I say that, he was also just a man.  A man who was very educated, cerebral, smart.  He was NOT GOD.  He did NOT KNOW EVERYTHING. And I can tell you, we used to have healthy conversations about his version of maintaining health and mine.  I, for example, prefer not to take drugs (unless it’s absolutely necessary and sometimes it is).  For some strange reason, for many years, I have always been more about curing the cause, not the symptom.  I have always wondered why  . . .  physically, emotionally, spiritually . . .  something has manifested.  The symptoms were just details.

This brings me to a book that I think everyone should read . . .  Ultra-Prevention by Mark Hyman and Mark Liponis, both MD’s.  It’s everything I suspected and knew and I know many of you think the same. I am so not ok with hearing how almost daily, someone has been diagnosed with cancer.  I am NOT OK WITH THIS.  It is totally unacceptable. I think so many things need to be considered when someone is trying to deal with their symptoms and figure out what the cause is.

For example . . .  underwire bras and antiperspirants.  I’m jumping into this as it’s so on my radar right now and it has been this past decade (I will go more in-depth on this in a future post). I can tell you that my left breast was in serious pain for years, like a stabbing feeling on one side.  I get my mammograms and ultrasounds annually so I know what it’s not. So between my doctor AND my gut . . . I cut out quite a bit of caffeine (his call) and I stopped wearing underwire bras, AND I started experimenting with natural deodorants and antiperspirants.  Guess what?  Pain gone, odor not so bad except on super hot days or at the gym, and sweat still there but I’m ok with that as it is healthy. There is so much conflicting information out there on these two subjects alone!  One study says you can’t get cancer from underwire bras and antiperspirants . . .  another report says you can. Example: http://www.breastcancer.org/risk/factors/no_evidence.  I may get criticized for the statement I’m about to make but I don’t care . . .  I think this link is total BS.  There is a fear (among other non ethical reasons) out there in calling things out. Instead of  making ridiculous “no evidence” statements (I personally have read plenty of evidence), why don’t these organizations tell us what it is if they know what it isn’t.  Because they don’t know either!  

I listen to my gut first and foremost.  I am totally being intuitive to what my body wants, needs, feels. Deep down we all know when something is right or wrong.  Read everything you can on a subject, then feel it.  That’s the right answer.

Exquisite Perfume in Paris – Annick Goutal

Annick1Gigi and I were recently in Paris and went a little crazy searching out their skincare, body, and fragrance products. One of the most exquisite fragrance houses, in our opinion, is Annick Goutal.

The story of this “maison de haute parfumerie” is special.  Annick Goutal, the founder, was initially a pianist then became a fashion model. It was during a modeling job in Grasse that she met a perfumer that would change the direction of her life as he realized that she had immense creative talent and a “nose”. After years of training, Annick started with three perfumes, one being Eau d’Hadrien that became her most successful perfume ever. In 1981, Annick opened her first shop on Rue de Bellechasse in Paris where Gigi and I had the pleasure of speaking with long term employee, Alice, and hearing the story from someone who “feels her in the shop every day”. Alice became very emotional when speaking with us and it is something that we connected to deeply as we felt her too. The photograph here with the lineup of perfume is on the original desk Annick used when first starting her business.

Annick died in 1999 at the age of 53 of breast cancer. A genetic link in her family of which all her sisters passed except one.  Annick bequeathed her company to her long time colleague, Isabelle Doyen, and daughter, Camille.

 “Nature and all her wonders guide me . . .  my emotions find expression in scents. Perfume is the music of my dream.”   

Annick Goutal

Peace in the eye of the Storm

So there I was . . .  sitting back in a plush, massaging chair at the nail salon watching CNN . . . getting a pedi, nothing special.   I’m sitting there captivated by the coverage of Oklahoma and a super storm. I watch as this massive tornado touches down and starts pulverizing the earth.  Killing people.  Wow.  I feel like a loser as I’m getting a pedi and people are dying and losing their homes.  All of a sudden, this blog seems so unimportant.  Then I remember why Gigi and I really committed to do this.

I remember when Gigi and I starting blogging about 3 or 4 years ago.  We had a long talk and decided that since so many women ask us about our skincare regimen . . .  what are our secrets . . .  what can we recommend . . . we found ourselves compelled to share and give.  That includes what makes us tick on the inside too.  As much as we love to talk all things beauty . . .  there is more to life!  Beauty starts WITHIN.

untetheredsoulI wish to share another fantastic book . . .  The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.  This week I thought how ironic . . .  a tornado untethers us from the “stuff” as most catastrophes do.   And sometimes that’s a good thing.  We’re not here to hold on, we’re here to let go. Michael writes of this so beautifully. We are here to learn, grow and share. To have compassion and empathy for others and of course there is love. Love for self, love for others, love for this powerful planet that we’re all on and sharing.

Sometimes I think that the Earth gets so pissed off that she does things like tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, to wake us up.  Even for a moment, hopefully longer.  Yes, we’ll continue talking beauty, health, fitness, but we also need to circle back around to the Soul.  It all starts there.  First and foremost  . . . that inward journey brings you clarity and hopefully stillness, peace, and love.  That is a vibrant and beautiful life, a life of utilizing our personal power to live authentically and give back in whatever capacity we can with the gifts we have.

In the vortex of a tornado, in the eye of the hurricane,  in the middle of our selves . . .  there is peace. Storms on the outside, peace on the inside.  Nature is a wonderful, beautiful teacher.


A very important message from Sue and Gigi

This video is what Gigi and I have been talking about for years . . . it is so important to be aware!

Please check out . . . www.safecosmetics.org.  Together we can be the change!

Sue’s Skin Story

cosmetic dictionaryMany women have asked me over the years what I do to take care of my skin and where this little “obsession” with skincare came from.  It all started with severe acne when in my teens.

I went through hell as a teenager, my mother right along with me.  I’m sure if any of you who have children with horrible acne can relate . . .  there is no peace!  She took me to so many different dermatologists . . . honestly, nothing worked.

My life changed when I started using a line of specialized skincare from the now famous Dr. James Fulton (I believe the line was called “Face Up”).  How we got his name, I don’t remember, but in my world, he was a gift from God.  I used his products religiously and my skin issues were finally under control  Oh, BTW, did I mention he also co-developed Retin A?

It was kind of a nightmare as I had to use this pink face scrub, main ingredient was benzoyl peroxide, and I had to sleep with a thick, goopy face mask in varying degrees until I got better. Oh and you can’t exactly move around and sleep in the positions you’re used to as the mask would end up all over the place!  Many sleepless nights . . .  but worth it. My mother used to say to me all the time . . .  “if one wants to be beautiful, one must suffer“!

Well, the rest is history as they say.  I learned how to take care of my skin.  I learned which ingredients were good and which ones to avoid. It’s still a struggle . . .  now it’s perimenopausal HORMONES! Does it never end? Over the years I started my own skincare library and my go to is A Consumer’s Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients by Ruth Winter, M.S. pictured here.  And having apps right at my finger tips, I can look up products, reviews, and ingredients right from my iPhone.  If you see me at a cosmetic counter spending more time on my cell than with the salesperson, you’ll know I’m probably on the BEAUTYPEDIA app from Paula Begoun  . . . a phenomenal app attached to her website loaded with great information.  I highly recommend it!  Knowledge is power Ladies!

Dove . . .

. . .  delivers poignant messages like no other company.  Their “Social Mission is to encourage girls to embrace their unique beauty.  Dove is committed to building positive self-esteem and inspiring women and girls to reach their full potential”.  Let’s inspire each other with positive words and gestures . . .  the Sisterhood is such a powerful place!  Gigi and I have always loved their mission statement . . .  this one we had to share.