Something to think about . . .

ultrapreventionI am not a doctor.  But I am going to give all who are interested a prescription . . .  BE INTUITIVE!

As I get older, and I have to believe “wiser”, I have become obsessed (in a good way) with wellness, wholeness, my well-being.  I think it’s natural when you hit your “mid-life”. I workout, I eat über healthy, I meditate, I work on being “present” each and every moment.  I try to live in a very “aware” space.  My cup is always full.

My father was a doctor . . . and he was great at it.  He never in all his years of practice had a malpractice suit or anything for that matter.  As I say that, he was also just a man.  A man who was very educated, cerebral, smart.  He was NOT GOD.  He did NOT KNOW EVERYTHING. And I can tell you, we used to have healthy conversations about his version of maintaining health and mine.  I, for example, prefer not to take drugs (unless it’s absolutely necessary and sometimes it is).  For some strange reason, for many years, I have always been more about curing the cause, not the symptom.  I have always wondered why  . . .  physically, emotionally, spiritually . . .  something has manifested.  The symptoms were just details.

This brings me to a book that I think everyone should read . . .  Ultra-Prevention by Mark Hyman and Mark Liponis, both MD’s.  It’s everything I suspected and knew and I know many of you think the same. I am so not ok with hearing how almost daily, someone has been diagnosed with cancer.  I am NOT OK WITH THIS.  It is totally unacceptable. I think so many things need to be considered when someone is trying to deal with their symptoms and figure out what the cause is.

For example . . .  underwire bras and antiperspirants.  I’m jumping into this as it’s so on my radar right now and it has been this past decade (I will go more in-depth on this in a future post). I can tell you that my left breast was in serious pain for years, like a stabbing feeling on one side.  I get my mammograms and ultrasounds annually so I know what it’s not. So between my doctor AND my gut . . . I cut out quite a bit of caffeine (his call) and I stopped wearing underwire bras, AND I started experimenting with natural deodorants and antiperspirants.  Guess what?  Pain gone, odor not so bad except on super hot days or at the gym, and sweat still there but I’m ok with that as it is healthy. There is so much conflicting information out there on these two subjects alone!  One study says you can’t get cancer from underwire bras and antiperspirants . . .  another report says you can. Example:  I may get criticized for the statement I’m about to make but I don’t care . . .  I think this link is total BS.  There is a fear (among other non ethical reasons) out there in calling things out. Instead of  making ridiculous “no evidence” statements (I personally have read plenty of evidence), why don’t these organizations tell us what it is if they know what it isn’t.  Because they don’t know either!  

I listen to my gut first and foremost.  I am totally being intuitive to what my body wants, needs, feels. Deep down we all know when something is right or wrong.  Read everything you can on a subject, then feel it.  That’s the right answer.

Peace in the eye of the Storm

So there I was . . .  sitting back in a plush, massaging chair at the nail salon watching CNN . . . getting a pedi, nothing special.   I’m sitting there captivated by the coverage of Oklahoma and a super storm. I watch as this massive tornado touches down and starts pulverizing the earth.  Killing people.  Wow.  I feel like a loser as I’m getting a pedi and people are dying and losing their homes.  All of a sudden, this blog seems so unimportant.  Then I remember why Gigi and I really committed to do this.

I remember when Gigi and I starting blogging about 3 or 4 years ago.  We had a long talk and decided that since so many women ask us about our skincare regimen . . .  what are our secrets . . .  what can we recommend . . . we found ourselves compelled to share and give.  That includes what makes us tick on the inside too.  As much as we love to talk all things beauty . . .  there is more to life!  Beauty starts WITHIN.

untetheredsoulI wish to share another fantastic book . . .  The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.  This week I thought how ironic . . .  a tornado untethers us from the “stuff” as most catastrophes do.   And sometimes that’s a good thing.  We’re not here to hold on, we’re here to let go. Michael writes of this so beautifully. We are here to learn, grow and share. To have compassion and empathy for others and of course there is love. Love for self, love for others, love for this powerful planet that we’re all on and sharing.

Sometimes I think that the Earth gets so pissed off that she does things like tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, to wake us up.  Even for a moment, hopefully longer.  Yes, we’ll continue talking beauty, health, fitness, but we also need to circle back around to the Soul.  It all starts there.  First and foremost  . . . that inward journey brings you clarity and hopefully stillness, peace, and love.  That is a vibrant and beautiful life, a life of utilizing our personal power to live authentically and give back in whatever capacity we can with the gifts we have.

In the vortex of a tornado, in the eye of the hurricane,  in the middle of our selves . . .  there is peace. Storms on the outside, peace on the inside.  Nature is a wonderful, beautiful teacher.


The Biggest Secret

Before I start blogging about the “fluffy stuff”, I wish to share my personal philosophy (Gigi’s too).  Nothing we share or recommend will do anything for your outside if your inside isn’t grounded, healthy and you have an attitude of gratitude.   You will be wasting a tremendous amount of time and money if you don’t start within yourself.  That is THE biggest secret to looking and feeling your best!  As we blog away, I will recommend my favorite books as some have absolutely changed my life.  I personally feel that everyone needs to read Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now“.  I read it every year . . .  so powerful!  Choosing to live in the NOW (hard to do sometimes, I must admit) does keep you stress free, healthy and quite frankly better looking, as I believe worrying about the past (done!) and stressing about the future (not even here yet!) is a waste of energy and is VERY aging!  Imagine how much easier it is for your cells to rejuvenate themselves when they’re not in an internal state of stress.  I practice “feeling” my emotions every day and when you really tune into yourself, your thoughts are so powerful you can feel them.  Why not have our thoughts and our emotions working the way the Universe (God or whatever higher power you relate to) intended?  We must live in Spirit (NOW), not ego (past and future).  We age ourselves unnecessarily by those thoughts and emotions tied to the past and future (ego run amok!).  You can feel it and it shows!  I truly believe living in the NOW, giving of yourself, and trying to become the best version of yourself is the key to looking and feeling your best.  Some say the outside “stuff” is pure vanity and narcissism.  I say it’s OK and empowering to want to look good, feel good and offer the best of me to everyone I encounter.  The fact is, we live in a visual world.   My definition of beautiful starts from the inside and works its way to the outside.  That is balance, that is healthy, that is beautiful!