Picking eye makeup colors is not about what you like or matching the color of your eyes, it is in fact, what is most flattering to the tones you were born with! Blue eyes does NOT equal blue eye shadow, brown eyes does NOT equal brown eye liner, green eyes does NOT equal green liner/shadow, etc. You may LIKE those colors for yourself and it may certainly be easy for you, but I can tell you that it is NOT the most flattering!  You want CONTRAST! When you choose the same color makeup as your eye color, you actually blur that area into one big blob of color.  You want contrast and definition!  See below . . .


plus as we age we lose the fat around our eyes and they end up looking sunken in or deeply recessed which is why you really need to pick the correct colors as you age. You may not realize this and you’ve probably been in a certain “habit” for so long, so I have a challenge for you.  Study the above (it’s not set in stone, it’s just a reference guide, if you really hate a certain color, don’t use it but try something close) and try using a contrasting color next time you do your makeup.  I guarantee that you will see your eyes POP when you do!  This below picture illustrates it perfectly . . .


the  brown eyes really pop!  Now I wouldn’t go this green myself, it’s a little too young for a 50 year old woman, but I would do a lighter shade of green and definitely the liner. I do use a black liner to “tight line” my upper lids (see my Pinterest page under “Sue’s Must Have Products”) then I use a soft green liner on my upper and lower lash line.  I personally have always believed that brown eyes pop the most when paired with a green tone, blue eyes pop the most when paired with brownish even bronzy tones, and green eyes pop with a plummier tone.  Again, if you hate those colors, then obviously don’t use them, but I encourage you to try something outside of your comfort zone/habit and create contrast for beautiful eyes that really stand out!

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