Cosmetic Micropigmentation: permanent makeup/tattoo

tattoo2Yes, this is a “tattoo” that allows you to wake up with makeup!  It’s by far THE greatest thing I have ever done for myself!  Gigi too!

So that being said, so many women get an immediate visual of some REALLY bad cosmetic tattoos and have heard a lot of negatives. Let me say this upfront . . . you MUST go to a licensed professional. There are many professional organizations, specialized training, technical education and certifications that should be researched and seriously looked into.  The two most important being . . . (The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) and AAM (The American Academy of Micropigmentation).  Both adhere to a strict code of ethics and safety standards.  Look for a professional with these credentials.

Permanent cosmetic/tattoo of the dermis isn’t  really permanent and there is also a technique to adjust any “mistakes”.  The color remains in the epidermal layers where continued use of products containing retinoids, retinols, AHA’s and BHA’s (those are acids in skincare products) are likely to fade out your procedure over time. Usually a cosmetic tattoo will last 3 to 5 years.  Everyone is different however, so that varies.  Gigi goes in every few years to touch up her brows, while I haven’t touched up my lips in well over 6 years now.  Yes, my lips are totally done.  A great tattoo plus filler . . .  awesome! . . . as I can divulge that I wasn’t born with lips to speak of!  And no one can tell!

The real beauty of this procedure is far more important than just makeup for vanity or convenience, it is the corrective aspect.  This procedure can disguise scars for example, on burn victims and the breast areola after breast implant surgery.  Alopecia, chemotherapy and/or any genetic disturbance can be dealt with.  It really is a Godsend when you are dealing with these issues.  I have witnessed many of these areas being touched up and it truly is amazing and the relief it gives the patient (men too!) is simply wonderful.

Please look under “VIDEOS” above as you will see Gigi getting eyeliner (known as lash enhancement) and her eyebrows done from a procedure a few years ago with the lovely Elayne Davis at  If you are in San Francisco or Los Angeles, our dear friend Athena Karsant is also phenomenal,


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