Dream Skin beauty pillowcase


I personally waited several months before writing this blog post to make sure of what I was experiencing.  Back in January 2014, I did a blog about sleeping on your back and the concept of “anti-aging pillowcases”.  Here’s the real deal . . . sleeping on your back is THE BEST way to minimize wrinkles!  However . . .  based on what I experienced while trying the above pillowcase, I had to share!

Many anti-aging pillowcases are interesting in theory, but sadly, there is nothing scientific there. The bottom line is this . . . cotton, satin, and silk will absorb moisture.  Guess what?  You don’t want moisture being absorbed into your pillow! You need to keep it in your skin! And I personally have found in dealing with increasing body temperature (personal summers!), make you sweat even more!  I have found satins and silks to run HOT! So while sleeping on the Dream Skin pillowcase (www.dreamskinpillowcase.com) believe it or not . . .  I found it much more COOLING. The cooling effect didn’t allow my skin “stick” to the fabric and at the end of the day, that’s what causes “sleep lines”, when your face is sticking in the same position on the pillow night after night, month after month, year after year.  It’s so easy to spot someone who has “sleep lines” and they turn into bonafide, deep set wrinkles!

Internationally re-known Dr. Pugliese, and Susan Leslie developed JuveTex fabric.  There are no chemicals, dyes, or fragrances infused into the fabric. I can’t comment of the “hydrating” capabilities as I am not a scientist, but there is definitely something here!

The key to not ADDING more wrinkles to our skin is to again . .  . sleep on your back.  But if you find a fabric that doesn’t “stick” to your skin, that most certainly helps!  I can’t recommend this product highly enough!

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