eyebrowsWe can write about all things beauty, but in the end, THE most important makeup application is to define your eyebrows (if you are one of the few women on this planet that were born with perfect brows, read no further, the other 99.99% of you ladies keep reading).  This is the “frame” for your entire face.  It defines your look, balances your imperfections (we are ALL imperfect!), and completes your face even if you wear no other makeup.

When I say “balances your imperfections” this is what I mean.  If one side of your face is lower than the other (most humans are built this way, again we are not perfect nor symmetrical), you can add just a few strokes of a pencil to the top of the lower brow to even your face out. Likewise on the length, etc. I told a friend awhile ago about this as her overall eyebrow was full indeed, but lacked definition and balance. She mentioned to me the other day how happy she was now that she knew how to do this as she sees a huge difference and even feels prettier!

This photo illustrates perfectly how to shape your brows. These guidelines will work with your own face for a stencil is not the way to go.  And there are companies out there that offer such.  Use your own features to guide you.  Trust me, you will look more natural this way and again, it will complete and balance out your whole face.

As far as brow makeup goes, I have tried just about all of them and much prefer a pencil over a powder product, easier to control while applying.  I did get a light, partial tattoo but they tend to fade out quickly with acidic products so makeup is still necessary.  There are many great long lasting options out there now.  I am loving Sephora’s own brand as it lasts but the brush is marginal (left photo).  I absolutely love Anastasia’s Brow Wiz (right photo) . . . long lasting and good brush.  The smaller the actual pencil, the easier it is to use.  The brush is there to soften your lines after you apply.












Your eyebrow should be in perfect proportion to your own facial features.  Very few women, young and old, can pull off a full brow (think Brooke Shields).  And a very thin brow is also hard to pull off. Eyebrows should not be a trend no matter what the fashion magazines are saying.  The shape of your brow (even slightly enhanced by a pencil or tattoo) needs to fit your face and your face alone.

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