I must admit that I never had regular facials . . . . never really needed one . . . . until I turned 40! The one thing . . . the most NOTICEABLE difference in my skin (other than great skin care products) are the “anti-aging” facials that I get now once every 4 to 6 weeks. Ladies, if you are working out (and I know most of us are and have to!) and you take the time to work out your body, you MUST work on your face! I’ll tell what you need to know about anti-aging facials from my perspective. I will then have a guest blogger come on, who is an expert – my good friend Peg De Graaf from Advanced Esthetics, and have her give you her professional, more detailed opinion as she can speak about all different skin types as I can only discuss older, oily skin that is still prone to breakouts. Gigi and I have had similar skin types until recently she mentioned getting a little dryer which I have not encountered. I’m sure she has incorporated something a little different in her facial routine because of it. (By the way as a side note here, if you live in an area that has “seasons” you will in fact become dryer in the winter, as I have noticed since my move to northern CA. We must come to grips with the fact that in certain climates, a “summer” skin care routine and a “winter” skin care routine are mandatory. You cannot use the same products year round in this case. More on this later).

The combination of microdermabrasion, ultra sound, and microcurrent is the workout your face needs to combat the signs of aging. Get rid of the dead skin cells at the surface which helps wrinkles become more pronounced (should be using some kind of retinoid, more on this later as well), and stimulate collagen production will give you the glow and help keep some kind of fullness that we have a tendency to lose over time. It won’t keep us as full as we were when we were younger, but it does help. I get more compliments on my skin now in my 40’s than I ever did in my 20’s or 30’s and I know it’s because of my facials.

Check out who is giving “anti-aging” facials in your area as it is not the same as a “regular” facial which is, by the way, useless if you’re over 40. Feels good, but useless.

It takes work Ladies, but at least there are some things we can do that helps!!



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