Fat doesn’t make us Fat?

fat-coverFat doesn’t make us fat?
It’s true, butter is back! 

Lately I’ve been reading several articles on this very topic, and yes it seems true that saturated fat in our diet isn’t the villain we thought it was!!!  New research and clinical studies recently published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine found that there’s simply NO evidence to support the notion that saturated fat increases the risk of heart disease. For decades Americans were told to eat less meat, eggs, and full fat dairy, and so we replaced them with carbohydrates like pasta, cereals, breads, “low fat” sugar-laden crackers/cookies (SnackWell’s), margarine and nonfat salad dressings, as well as non-fat yogurts with carb based fillers …to give texture when fat is removed.

This low/no fat diet has been to our detriment. We cut the fat and yet we are fatter and sicker than ever!  It’s excessive refined carbs that are messing with our metabolism and leading not only to obesity but in time to diabetes and heart disease.

It’s also clear that the culprits in our diet are trans fats like vegetable shortening (Crisco), which is in most processed foods like fast food, and commercial baked goods. Anything with high fructose corn syrup like sodas, as well as food that is fried over and over again in oxidized vegetable oil should also be avoided like the plague!
The new general rule of thumb is…eat “real food”, eat like your grandparents did 100 years ago! Doesn’t this make sense? The less processed and sugary carbs, the better. Don’t be afraid of  pure butter and cheese, have cream in your coffee, a little fat can be very satiating. Enjoy an occasional steak with a lovely bearnaise sauce…like the French, who by the way have eaten this way for centuries, and don’t have an obesity problem. 
Please eat the whole egg!  the yolk has all the nutrition, and eggs are a great source of protein. No more egg white omelets for me, that goes for skinny lattes too!
Everything in moderation of course….if we just focus on the quality of food we are putting in your mouth, down the line our overall health will benefit.

Happy Eating!

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