Fractora on Sue at Maintain Youth Medical Aesthetics

As promised,  here are two quick videos of my Fractora procedure.  I really wanted to show the before as to prep the skin is so important, not pretty as I mention, but important to get the skin as numb as possible.  Obviously the right topical anesthetic is paramount.  The second video is a quick look at the procedure performed by Peri Corsiglia, BSN, RN at Maintain Youth Medical Aesthetics (, and Kyle O’Hara filming and giving some narration.  The Fractora device delivers improvements for the broadest range of symptoms of aging skin . . . wrinkles, texture, pigment irregularities, blood vessels and redness.

*A side note . . .  I am posting this 4 days after this treatment.  I did experience a pretty bad breakout and have become more concerned with getting that under control rather than the healing from the Fractora.  Because of my experience as I have very sensitive, oily skin, someone interested in this procedure should prepare for this potential side effect.

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