Hair loss solutions – part one

How much more must we endure… we expected hot flashes, mood swings and perhaps a few grays during “the change”, but hair loss and thinning?
They say that 40% of women experience some hair loss after menopause…and I’m one of them! It’s more subtle than in men, but what a blow to a women’s self-esteem!
Apparently, declining female hormones can make our (androgen’s) or male hormones increase causing certain hair follicles to weaken and fail altogether! Just as during pregnancy, women have high levels of female hormones, leaving them with fuller, healthier hair;  the effect of male hormones in our systems has the opposite effect.

Beyond hormones, there are other considerations when it comes to hair loss.  Unusual levels of stress can wreak havoc on hair as well as skin, nutritional or iron deficiencies, crash diets, medications, surgeries or illness, and last but not least, hypothyroidism (an under-active thyroid). This is common in menopausal women, I always recommend getting a thyroid blood test for women who are suffering with hair issues. Other symptoms of low thyroid are fatigue, weight gain, constipation and being cold often. Getting on the right thyroid medications can make a big difference in your hair as well as your overall well-being. Hair loss is treatable, there are lifestyle and medical treatments available to help you. Better to jump in there and get treated at first signs of hair loss, and be sure give the treatments time to work. Regrowth takes a several months and can be subtle before you even notice it.

Below you will see video of a quick procedure that I do monthly with world-renowned dermatologist Richard G. Glogau, M.D. ( at UCSF. Dr. Glogau also suggested that I use minoxidil 5% foam everyday on my scalp.  I buy a six-pack of Kirkland brand at Costco . . . much cheaper than Rogain.  As always, we advise consulting with an experienced, qualified medical doctor, in this case one who has the expertise of hair restoration, as well as getting a complete medical diagnosis.

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