Have you had a good nights sleep and did you wake up looking younger?

sleep1Do you want to improve some of the fine lines and wrinkles on your face and chest area?  Well . . .  train yourself to sleep on our back and I promise you will see results!

Every time someone asks Gigi and I about our secrets . . . after rattling off many . . .  we always end with  . . . oh, and you must sleep on your back.  It’s almost like they didn’t hear anything but that!  And then we get the  . . .  Oh!  I could never do that!  Yes you can!  It’s called power of choice.

Sleeping on your back is absolutely necessary in your skin care regimen!  Plus the fact that it’s better for your body and organs anyhow, but that’s a different story.  The photo at the top is exactly how you should NOT sleep . . .  the photo below kind of says it all.

Also interesting in this quest for less wrinkles while sleeping is the concept of special fabrics for pillows that avoid wrinkles and pillows that have a specific shape.  A recent find that actually intrigued us was the “Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase”.   About $60, this fabric is supposedly embedded with copper oxide and releases copper ions on to the skin’s surface while sleeping.  The claim is that sleeping on this pillowcase is like putting moisturizer on our skin while building collagen and elastin.  We’re personally not convinced about their philosophy, but it is intriguing regardless. Elizabeth Arden  also has a rejuvenating pillowcase (much less $) wherein the fabric is “naturally enriched with vitamin E, aloe, and jojoba”.  As far as we can tell, satin is actually the best for the skin while sleeping as the skin doesn’t tend to “crunch up” next to it as it slips while cotton can hold on and “stick” to the skin more.  I personally have used a neckroll for about 30 years.  My neck/spine feels good, my back doesn’t ache like it used to, and it keeps me from getting any “sleep lines”.  I highly recommend it.

At the end of the day, if you are really serious about not adding to the wrinkles that will naturally form with life and expression, you really need to sleep on your back.  It took me two years of tossing and turning, but eventually I took to it.  If you really want to enhance your skincare regimen, trust me, you can do it.


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