Healthy hair – part two

fullhair1A few more tips that I follow and recommend to have a healthy head of hair . . .

Be sure you are eating well, particularly getting enough protein. You must ensure your scalp and hair are well fed.  Sue lost a tremendous amount of hair a few years ago due to a high stress job and going vegetarian without enough protein.

I also take a supplement called Viviscal professional …it has lots of Biotin and marine/fish oils.

Heat can and will kill your already dead hair.  In time, all those styling tools will fry your hair.  Be aware of the amount of heat hitting your head.  If it’s too hot on your skin, it is toasting your locks which is why with age, the hair starts looking “frazzled” in combination with grays that are a little more wirey as well. That combination gives a very frizzy (and aging) appearance.

My colorist uses Aveda color, doesn’t seem to irritate my scalp yet it covers the gray. She is able to use half the ammonia in the color preparation than would normally be used. Always ask for a gentle formula with the least amount of chemicals possible.  Also adding some highlights to add dimension is uplifting as well especially around the face.  A flat, single color can look harsh as we age.

Please stay clear of hair extensions! They tug on hair ultimately hurting the follicle and ensuring hair loss. Try the clip-in hairpieces to add fullness without damage to hair. You want body and movement without being obvious!

I also like those spray in colored texturizing dry shampoos to hide any little bald areas and refresh 2nd day hair.” XFusion” and “Toppik” keratin hair fibers are also fabulous at covering up any exposed scalp. “Gray Away” also does the trick along with covering grays.

Lastly, it goes without saying, use gentle hydrating, moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. I like to mix it up and rotate in different brands. I like “Wen”conditioning cleansers (so does Sue), “Aveda” chamomile  shampoo, “Living Proof Restore” shampoo and mask. Weekly, I use a clarifying shampoo to remove any product buildup on my scalp potentially clogging hair follicles and impeding growth.

Keeping your hair, let alone having it look good, is a challenge as we age but there are options to assist us.  Whether it be medical advice or cosmetic, a combination of all these things will certainly give you the cumulative effect of a healthier head of hair.  Just like your skincare . . . it’s not just one thing . . . it’s everything.

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