Is that pretty little jar worth the price tag?

jar1I felt compelled to write this article based on an online post I read from another beauty blog.  I subscribe to several to stay on top of trends but this one threw me over the edge.  It touted several high-end skincare lines, mostly luxury brands, packaged in beautiful jars with a price point well above $200.  It was insulting.

First of all . . . it’s true . . . most people don’t know their ingredients and fall for a good sales pitch along with a beautiful looking product.  Gigi and I aren’t chemists by any stretch, but if we don’t know what something is, we research it to death! And after so many years of doing this . . . you begin to understand how effective the product might be by the ingredient list. Having said that, another educational process is learning why the packaging of a product is SO IMPORTANT.

A great product is one that has active and effective ingredients that are scientifically and clinically proven to do what it should do based on the claims the company is making.  Many beneficial ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants, peptides, retinols . . . degrade in the presence of air and light.  Oxygen attacks the integrity and chemical stability of a products formulation as does light.  Have you ever noticed how a product containing a good dose of vitamin C turns brown after a few months? That is because it has oxidized.  Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant but once it turns rancid, the oxidized matter actually causes inflammation.  So now, you are creating problems for yourself let alone using a product that is no longer “positively potent”.  In an airless container, more “natural” products have reduced artificial preservatives in their formulas and this technology actually allows for a longer shelf life let alone greater efficacy.  We constantly follow packaging trends and breakthroughs in the industry and we noticed that our favorite skincare line went through major repackaging a few years ago.  This is an important issue!

The other concern is bacterial contamination.  The skin harbors bacteria no matter how clean you are or how often you wash your hands.  Not only are you polluting and degrading the quality of the product you are using by dipping your fingers into it, but now you are putting in on to your clean skin!  So then you close that little jar and use it again tomorrow.  And then you open it up again, dip those fingers in there adding more bacteria and put it on your face.  And you wonder why your skin doesn’t look any better after plopping down major $$$.  Whatever beneficial ingredients were in that jar is now worthless.


If the company claims that this notion of polluting the product is unfounded that’s because they have bombarded it with preservatives.  Many of which are NOT good for the skin or your health.  So, the more preservatives, the worse it is for you and the less effective it will be.  The cleaner it is, it is even more important to look at how it is packaged.  Buyer, please be AWARE.

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