It’s all about The Nails!

my mani2I have been wondering for decades when the nail part of the cosmetic industry was going to get hip.  Great looking manicures are all the rage!  This photo is my quick mani!

I have always been one to experiment with colors . . .  I started doing “reverse french” manicures in the mid 80’s.  My manicurist at the time told me “it isn’t supposed to be done this way.”  Says who?

I also used to have acrylics back then.  I started really listening to my body about 10 years ago when acrylics simply wouldn’t adhere anymore.  It was like my finger nails were telling me to stop and let them do their thing.  Well, I did.  I started doing  my own nails and really taking care of them.  Here are some tips if you do your own (or recommend to your manicurist . . . and you know that they sterilize all their tools, right?) . . .

One, for shape, file a little rounder if your fingers are short and on the stubby side.  File more square if you have long fingers.  The round nail gives the appearance of a longer finger, the square a shorter finger.  It’s a simple illusion.  A short nail is in and is sometimes referred to as a “sport length”.

Two, use a base coat.  Really important as I experimented over the years and found more yellowing when not using a good base coat.  I personally still use Nailtiques 1 and 2.  Number 1 for maintenance and number 2 for the winter months when my nails tend to peel from being too dry.

Speaking of dry . . .  metallic and frosted colors are more drying.  Here’s one of my secrets . . .  use a regular “flat” color as the first color coat then add a frosted/metallic for the second coat.  You get that sheen and it’s better for your nails this way.  It’s also fun as it’s like creating your own custom color!

Three, after a shower or bath, gently push back your cuticles if you remember.  They are soft at this point and push back easily.  You should never cut them!  Cuticles are a barrier to protect the surrounding skin and developing nail.  Bacteria can easily enter the base of the nail and that cuticle is there to protect them.

Zoya is one of the safest nail polishes out there.  BTW their top coat, ARMOR is THE BEST top coat ever! Thank goodness many other nail polish companies have started to formulate without the harmful “toxic trio” . . .  toluene (can irritate eyes, throat, lungs, damage the nervous system and potentially harm an unborn child), DBP (dibutyl phthalate) potential reproductive harm, and formaldehyde a known carcinogen.

One more thing, if you can . . .  eat almonds and walnuts (great for your body anyway!).  I have noticed that my nails are stronger and grow faster as I eat a handful of raw nuts daily.  Have fun and rock a cool mani!


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