Just can’t quit those Acrylics!

giginails2If you’re like me and tried to go back to natural nails only to endure months of thin, weak, brittle nails with chipping nail polish that just made you crazy, well don’t despair, you can still rock your acrylics in an updated, natural way….I do!

Gone are the days of those thick fake looking Pink and Whites! The key to getting great results starts by finding yourself a talented experienced nail technician, who really knows his or her stuff,and is current on all the latest nail art possibilities. I’m so fortunate to have found a brilliant nail tech who knows how to properly use the drill to sand down the acrylic overlays just the way I like them…..thin and natural! Not many nail techs do this correctly, most apply too much pressure, sanding down too deep with the drill bit, causing serious damage to your nail. I still believe filing alone isn’t enough and is too time consuming. A combination of filing with a hand file and sanding with a drill will yield the most natural looking acrylic nails.

Another thing I like, is having them use a UV gel topcoat. It dries in three minutes simply by putting your hand under a UV light….then you are dry, shiny, and good to go!  However, there are dangers to exposing your hands to these UV lights long term. It’s a hefty dose of UVA rays as if your hands are in a tanning bed! So I have learned to wear sunblock on my hands before exposing them to the UV lamps. Another thing you can do is purchase a pair of UV protective white gloves with the tips removed specifically for this reason pictured here. That way your topcoat can cure while giving the rest of your hand some kind of sunblocking protection.

Happy Nails!UVgloves

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