Kristin Hudacek, MD, FAAD discusses retinoids/retinols

Dr. Hudacek speaks briefly about the benefits of using a topical retinoid/retinol as part of a good anti-aging skincare regimen.   She is currently affiliated with Richard G. Glogau, MD & Associates in San Francisco.  Dr. Glogau developed “Glogau’s Wrinkle Scale” (shown below for reference) to objectively measure the severity of photoaging and wrinkles.


Glogau Classification of Photoaging

Group Classification Typical Age Description Skin Characteristics
I Mild 28-35 No wrinkles Early Photoaging: mild pigment changes, no keratosis, minimal wrinkles, minimal or no makeup
II Moderate 35-50 Wrinkles in motion Early to Moderate Photoaging: Early brown spots visible, keratosis palpable but not visible, parallel smile lines begin to appear, wears some foundation
III Advanced 50-65 Wrinkles at rest Advanced Photoaging: Obvious discolorations, visible capillaries (telangiectasias), visible keratosis, wears heavier foundation always
IV Severe 60-75 Only wrinkles Severe Photoaging: Yellow-gray skin color, prior skin malignancies, wrinkles throughout – no normal skin, cannot wear makeup because it cakes and cracks


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