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GrandeLashI finally found a product that actually grew my eyelashes and gave me minimal irritation! I’m writing about GrandeLASH-MD and it does grow lashes.  I’ve used the tried and true Latisse, but it was SO IRRITATING, I stopped using it.  My eyelids turned bright red and became itchy.  Latisse does have a high safety profile and does work, but for those of us that are sensitive to just about everything, I couldn’t continue using it.   I have tried other “lash growth” serums and found them irritating as well or completely worthless as far as growth.  And let me say this . . . products that say they grow lashes by use of peptides, plant extracts, and vitamins are completely worthless. They do not and can not grow hair because the ingredients I just mentioned don’t grow hair!  I’ll get technical for a moment . . .  a product containing a “prostaglandin analogue” (a synthetic ingredient … like “isopropyl cloprostenate”) is the only thing proven to grow eyelash hair.

There are in fact a FEW companies that use a prostaglandin analogue, so double check the ingredient declarations. GrandeLASH-MD does have it (although a small amount which is why it’s so great for sensitive types) and the price point was good (about $70).  They claim that it takes 4-6 weeks to see results . . .  I found it took a good two months before I could see a difference.


Prior to this photo, I had about a dozen eyelashes left and have been sparse for years.  This photo is about half way through my initial use with a quick, light coat of mascara because my hair is light and you wouldn’t have been able to see my lashes (I only use product on my upper lashes, never lower).  I now use it about three times a week for maintenance. My eyelashes are long and have grown in nice and even.

I must also mention that there are reports and concerns about the use of products containing prostaglandin analogues.  Side effects such as darker pigmentation around the eyes, itching, pain, change of eye color, and irritation are not uncommon.  Always do your due diligence before using certain types of products.



  1. Thanks for the review! Your lashes look great.

    Do you know if this product contain prostaglandin analogues?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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