Luminous Skin

make up4Have you ever wondered how certain women seem to have this amazing glow to their skin?  We see it all over the red carpet and occasionally on women we bump into in our daily lives.  What is it?

I can tell you that it’s two things . . . . first, the skin is fabulous . . . . second, it’s the perfect makeup trick.

Luminous powders are all over the marketplace now . . . every makeup line is coming out with their own version.  It is the hottest trend next to nails and BB creams at the moment.   Even if your skin isn’t perfect, you can fake it with this makeup trick.  I am totally obsessed with illuminizing powders and when someone honors my skin with a compliment, it’s usually something like . . .  your skin just glows!  What are you doing?  Is it your diet?  Makeup?  Love?  (Let’s face it, love DEFINITELY gives you a glow!)

I take care of my skin between nutrition and skin care products, but to brush on an illuminizing powder as a finishing touch is my little secret!  I sweep it on top of my cheekbones and above my eyebrows. Those two places immediately “look lifted”.  It’s simply an illusion as the light hits it just right and the glow appears.  Youthful skin has a glow to it , we can now recapture it with the amazing technology of light reflecting pigments.  Bobbi Brown came out with her Shimmer Brick Compact quite some time ago and was ahead of the game as obviously she’s a great makeup artist and is super intuitive to women’s desires for beautiful skin.   My favorite products at the moment are It Cosmetics Airbrush Illuminizer (a soft white sheen) and Smashbox Soft Lights Highlight (a pinky pearlescent sheen).

The makeup industry is giving us the opportunity to regain our youthful glow.  I’m just jazzed that at this age there are so many wonderful products out there to assist us over 40 gals in looking fabulous!

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