chemicalpeel5By now I am sure most of you realize that Gigi and I are pretty much on top of everything “anti aging”.  From facials to fillers, technology to nutrition and fitness . . . we are fighting aging kicking and screaming!  😉

That being said, from my personal experience, the procedure with THE most visible signs of improvement of the skin OTHER THAN BOTOX (which is THE best!) is a good chemical peel.  My two “go to” procedures are peels to improve the overall appearance and texture to my skin, and I use a little filler for volume.  I test out all the latest procedures as far as technology but honestly peels are my gold standard.  I am hopeful that this alone will avoid any cosmetic surgery in the future . . . one can hope!

Chemical peels, also known as derma peeling and chemexfoliation, are minimally invasive procedures and definitely improve the skins appearance.  It’s basically a doctor or nurse (do NOT go to anyone else with this type of procedure!) that will apply a chemical solution to your face. That can include neck, chest, and hands as well.  Most solutions are glycolic, lactic, or salicylic acids.  If I need a “quicky”, I will usually do a light glycolic peel that basically gives you fresh and glowing skin immediately.  No peeling, just a little sluffing of the skin.  About twice a year now I do a more intense peel which is a Retin A peel.  It looks like a mild sunburn initially, the skin will tighten, and then it will peel . . .  big time!  A disclosure here . . . I accidentally left the Retin A solution on too long the first time I did it and I peeled in sheets!  Literally sheets of skin were coming off!  And talk about raw!  The photo below is what my neck looked like a couple days after those initial sheets of skin came off.  Honestly, it hurt like hell . . .  but the results were worth it!  Vanity knows no bounds!

Obviously . . .  you must protect your skin with great SPF/broad-spectrum during and after this stage (you should always anyhow!) but be more diligent than ever. It’s something I would not recommend in the summer months.  Peels for the most part can improve irregular skin pigmentation, sun damaged skin, some freckling, reduce fine lines especially around the eyes and mouth area, treat certain types of acne and their scars, and overall improve the look and feel of your skin. Plus they do aid in stimulating collagen production which is a major plus.  Just another treatment in our arsenal!



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