Seasons and Skincare


Routine is the kiss of death in a skincare regimen . . . it can make you look older and create unbalanced skin. This is a wake up call for many women on the quest for beautiful, healthy skin . . .  you have to change your skincare regime with the seasons.  Your makeup too.

I’m not mandating four different regimens as some areas don’t really have four seasons, obviously, like southern California or Florida, but I do strongly recommend switching up your routine at least twice per year.  I definitely do and have for years.  I have also seen improvement in the overall function and hydration of my skin because of it.

Think about it . . . we rely so much on vegetation/botanicals in our diet and skincare products.  And nature lives in the rhythm of seasons.  It is organic, it is life, and so are we. We eat certain foods because they are “in season” (grant it because we import so many fruits and vegetables from around the world, that isn’t 100% true anymore, but I’m talking in general here).  To follow natures rhythm, is to understand our own.  In nature, there is a time for expansion and contraction.  Our bodies mimic that as well on a cellular level. Skincare is “feeding” the skin what it needs daily and per season, what it needs to function normally, replenishing what it has lost and always protecting it.  To view skincare as merely an aesthetic proposition is missing the point and doing a disservice to you in the quest for healthy skin.

There are reasons for the options out there i.e. gels, foams, lotions, oil-free,  geared towards oily, dry, normal and sensitive skin types. But it’s not just about “skin type”. Sometimes you’re drier, sometimes you have more oil production, even sweat. If you’re dry, you will probably like a lotion based cleanser along with continued use of a moisturizer. Sebum production does elevate in a warmer climate and everyone knows that humidity is nature’s moisturizer.  I have oily skin . . .  I prefer gel cleansers and no moisturizer in the spring/summer.  Sometimes a toner along with a serum is plenty. I move towards a creamier lotion type cleanser and lightweight moisturizer in the autumn/winter months. If a product is well formulated, you don’t need a ton of them on a daily basis but you do need a “range” of products based on what your skin is doing and how it is behaving.

The same goes for makeup, primarily foundations.  Switch it up at least twice a year.  A heavier foundation will not serve you well in the warmer months and looks heavy and “aging”. If you feel you need a full coverage foundation due to imperfections, remember, when the skin is functioning “normally”, you will have cellular turnover which leads to better tone and texture. Imperfections can be dealt with.  There is a technology for every ailment out there.  Switching your color palette should also coordinate with the season.  Just changing your lip or blush color can make you look younger and more radiant. Besides . . .  isn’t it boring to look exactly the same every day?

Skin does react to climate changes. Seasons, arid environments, hormones, stress etc., all affect your skin. If you truly take the time to “listen” to your skin, observe it, you will know what to do to keep it looking its best.  Keep it simple, but mix it up.  Trust me, you will notice and see a difference!

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