Skin . . . exfoliate it, feed it, protect it!

skinSkin.  Our largest organ. And it’s alive.  What you see in the mirror every morning is the “dead” part, dead skin cells and damaged skin cells. Now, having said that, unless you are psycho diligent about your retinoid/retinol and AHA/BHA products (alpha hydroxy acid/beta hydroxy acid), or you are genetically blessed, you probably aren’t looking at glowing, smooth, healthy, very much “alive” skin. Here’s a fact . . .  time doesn’t make you look old as much as the sun and its harmful rays will (along with pollution, smoking, poor diet, stress, etc.).

Attempting to keep skin cells healthy and functioning properly and cellular turnover is the number one goal you should have each and every day (other than wearing sunscreen).  See the top layer on the drawing of the stratum corneum?  That top layer is full of dead skin cells that used to exist below, in the lower epidermis and it should shed CONSTANTLY. Especially if you want healthy, glowing skin.

Imagine this . . . day after day, month after month, year after year . . . . decade after decade . . .  you smile, laugh, cry, squint, move your face in all kinds of ways.  If that  top layer of skin isn’t shedding off REGULARLY, it is layer upon layer of dead skin cells building on top of one another.  And when there is muscle movement below the dermis guess what happens? Expression lines begin to form. That’s normal and ok but collagen and elastin begin to deteriorate over time as well.  And so it begins. If you really look at this drawing you can get a clear idea of it all. Years of facial muscles moving (in the subcutaneous layer) and minimal cellular turnover (epidermis) and reduction of the vital proteins/cells (dermis) due to damage and time . . . hello wrinkle!  Add sun damage which is “photoaging” (premature wrinkling) plus skin discoloration, freckling, dry/leathery skin . . . now you look OLD!  Here’s my opinion . . . expression lines/wrinkles (natural aging) are not a bad thing and don’t make you look “old”.  They are inevitable, normal, and healthy.  Sun damage (photoaging) makes you look OLD and that’s definitely unattractive.

I met a woman in her mid 40’s recently that couldn’t “move her face”.  Sad.  She said she didn’t like “lines on her face”.  Even sadder.  She may put a gun to her head when she hits 50 because wrinkles are inevitable . . .  and again . . .  NOT A BAD THING!  It is NATURAL aging.

If you understand the skin and how it functions, you will then have a better understanding of skin care.  I need to state something here that most people do not know . . . there is not a lotion, potion, or cream that can permanently alter your skin.  Only surgery can!  All topical applications do is change the APPEARANCE of the skin.  That is why you see that word used all the time.  If you stop using all of your skincare products, you will see this to be true.  Too many companies lie about what their products do. Lotions, potions, and creams are there to exfoliate, feed, and protect your skin.  That’s it.  They will not CHANGE your skin.

All we can hope for with our at home remedies is to feed our skin with great ingredients (antioxidants, retinoids/retinols, etc.) keeping the cells healthy and functioning properly in the dermis and to exfoliate our skin, our epidermis, with good AHA’s and BHA’s (these are acids that help “unglue” the dead skin cells on the surface plus they repair and build cells below). More on retinoids/retinols and acids in a later blog.  Your three goals every day . . .  exfoliate, feed, protect!


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