Skincare 101


Part 1

I’d like to once again reiterate the fact that there are no miracle wrinkle cures out there, so don’t be duped by aggressive department store salespeople promising you youth in a jar…it simply doesn’t exist!

What I can promise you, is if you consistently follow a good daily skin care regime, using state-of-the-art, well formulated products, you can attain healthy glowing skin that actually repairs itself.

Here are a few tips I know to be true, followed by my day/evening daily skin care regime (see part 2):

Know your skin type! The key to seeing great results is to use products appropriate to your skin’s needs and concerns. Remember, skin type may change with weather, stress levels, hormones, medications and even diet. Therefore it is important to adjust your skin care routine to address these issues. For instance, I am combination/normal with anti-aging concerns. I tend to like serums and lighter hydrators rather than richer moisturizers, unless I am skiing in the Mountains of Aspen; when I change things up to adjust to the drier, high altitude climate. Other examples of skin types may be: dry/very dry, sensitive/rosacea, normal/oily, and sun-damaged/wrinkles.

Avoid jar packaging! Stable packaging is a must. With all the innovations in skin care formulations (Vit.C, retinols/retinoids, antioxidants, peptides, etc), it is important to preserve them in airless pumps and opaque tubes. Otherwise, these fragile ingredients will quickly break down when exposed to light and air, and lose their effectiveness. Also, dipping fingers into jars can create a bacteria/fungus problem…yuck!

Go fragrance free! Fragrance, whether synthetic or natural can cause chronic irritation. It may not be evident on the surface of your skin, but fragrance in skin care can actually damage collagen, create inflammation, and even hinder your skin’s ability to heal and regenerate. Don’t forget about your décolletage! Your neck and chest also need some TLC. What you put on your face, should also go on neck, chest, earlobes, and back of hands. They all show age before the face does!

Quality products do matter! Armed with all the above, you are off to a good start. Remember, price rarely dictates quality, choose wisely.


Paulas Choice samples

I mostly use products formulated by Paula Begoun, aka, “The Cosmetics Cop”. Her skin care lines, Paula’s Choice, are based on published medical and scientific research. They are no nonsense lines that really live up to their claims; and are priced very reasonably too! She has products for all skin types, and experts to help you choose what best suits your needs. (800) 831-4088 (These products are not available in stores). I also like some products by SkinMedica (TNS Essential Serum), and Jan Marini’s (Regeneration Booster), both use new technology with (somewhat controversial) growth factors to regenerate skin. I will keep you posted. Not certain they are worth the money just yet.

Part 2

Morning Regime (I follow Paula’s step-by-step guide)

1) Cleanse: Use gentle water based cleanser that doesn’t leave face tight and dry. Be extra careful to avoid bar-type soaps.

2) Tone: Good toners smooth and hydrate face, preparing skin for next step.

3) Exfoliate: No need for abrasive scrubs. Most women don’t know how important this step is to remove dead skin cells, generate new collagen, and reduce discolorations.  It can simply be done daily with an AHA (glycolic acid) no-rinse lotion for drier sun damaged skin, or a BHA (salicylic acid) liquid for blemish prone oilier skin. Over time you’ll notice more even skin tone and firmness.

4) Treatment: A few drops of an antioxidant rich plus serum with retinol to revitalize skin, paying special attention to the area around the eyes.

5) Moisturizer +Sunscreen: Rain or shine, daily sunscreen is vital to preserving skin. Sun is the #1 cause of freckles/age spots and wrinkles, so use a broad spectrum SPF moisturizer with lots of antioxidants to protect from sun damage.


Evening Regime

1) Cleanse: Use the same gentle cleanser to remove dirt and makeup. A soft washcloth is fine, but Sue and I like our Clarisonic Pro and Mia brushes.

2) Tone: This removes the last traces of makeup, use with cotton pad. Toning also smoothes and calms skin.

3) Exfoliate: Once again, AHA or BHA’s to give you renewed texture and tone. Helps your treatment (next step) products absorb with ease.

4) Treatment/Moisturizer: Smooth into face, it repairs and stimulates collagen, should contain lots of antioxidants and retinol or prescription retinoids. Moisturize as needed so skin is soft and hydrated with increased firmness.


And so, you have completed your first lesson in skincare. Enjoy.



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