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ultrapreventionI am not a doctor.  But I am going to give all who are interested a prescription . . .  BE INTUITIVE!

As I get older, and I have to believe “wiser”, I have become obsessed (in a good way) with wellness, wholeness, my well-being.  I think it’s natural when you hit your “mid-life”. I workout, I eat über healthy, I meditate, I work on being “present” each and every moment.  I try to live in a very “aware” space.  My cup is always full.

My father was a doctor . . . and he was great at it.  He never in all his years of practice had a malpractice suit or anything for that matter.  As I say that, he was also just a man.  A man who was very educated, cerebral, smart.  He was NOT GOD.  He did NOT KNOW EVERYTHING. And I can tell you, we used to have healthy conversations about his version of maintaining health and mine.  I, for example, prefer not to take drugs (unless it’s absolutely necessary and sometimes it is).  For some strange reason, for many years, I have always been more about curing the cause, not the symptom.  I have always wondered why  . . .  physically, emotionally, spiritually . . .  something has manifested.  The symptoms were just details.

This brings me to a book that I think everyone should read . . .  Ultra-Prevention by Mark Hyman and Mark Liponis, both MD’s.  It’s everything I suspected and knew and I know many of you think the same. I am so not ok with hearing how almost daily, someone has been diagnosed with cancer.  I am NOT OK WITH THIS.  It is totally unacceptable. I think so many things need to be considered when someone is trying to deal with their symptoms and figure out what the cause is.

For example . . .  underwire bras and antiperspirants.  I’m jumping into this as it’s so on my radar right now and it has been this past decade (I will go more in-depth on this in a future post). I can tell you that my left breast was in serious pain for years, like a stabbing feeling on one side.  I get my mammograms and ultrasounds annually so I know what it’s not. So between my doctor AND my gut . . . I cut out quite a bit of caffeine (his call) and I stopped wearing underwire bras, AND I started experimenting with natural deodorants and antiperspirants.  Guess what?  Pain gone, odor not so bad except on super hot days or at the gym, and sweat still there but I’m ok with that as it is healthy. There is so much conflicting information out there on these two subjects alone!  One study says you can’t get cancer from underwire bras and antiperspirants . . .  another report says you can. Example:  I may get criticized for the statement I’m about to make but I don’t care . . .  I think this link is total BS.  There is a fear (among other non ethical reasons) out there in calling things out. Instead of  making ridiculous “no evidence” statements (I personally have read plenty of evidence), why don’t these organizations tell us what it is if they know what it isn’t.  Because they don’t know either!  

I listen to my gut first and foremost.  I am totally being intuitive to what my body wants, needs, feels. Deep down we all know when something is right or wrong.  Read everything you can on a subject, then feel it.  That’s the right answer.

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