The Biggest Secret

Before I start blogging about the “fluffy stuff”, I wish to share my personal philosophy (Gigi’s too).  Nothing we share or recommend will do anything for your outside if your inside isn’t grounded, healthy and you have an attitude of gratitude.   You will be wasting a tremendous amount of time and money if you don’t start within yourself.  That is THE biggest secret to looking and feeling your best!  As we blog away, I will recommend my favorite books as some have absolutely changed my life.  I personally feel that everyone needs to read Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now“.  I read it every year . . .  so powerful!  Choosing to live in the NOW (hard to do sometimes, I must admit) does keep you stress free, healthy and quite frankly better looking, as I believe worrying about the past (done!) and stressing about the future (not even here yet!) is a waste of energy and is VERY aging!  Imagine how much easier it is for your cells to rejuvenate themselves when they’re not in an internal state of stress.  I practice “feeling” my emotions every day and when you really tune into yourself, your thoughts are so powerful you can feel them.  Why not have our thoughts and our emotions working the way the Universe (God or whatever higher power you relate to) intended?  We must live in Spirit (NOW), not ego (past and future).  We age ourselves unnecessarily by those thoughts and emotions tied to the past and future (ego run amok!).  You can feel it and it shows!  I truly believe living in the NOW, giving of yourself, and trying to become the best version of yourself is the key to looking and feeling your best.  Some say the outside “stuff” is pure vanity and narcissism.  I say it’s OK and empowering to want to look good, feel good and offer the best of me to everyone I encounter.  The fact is, we live in a visual world.   My definition of beautiful starts from the inside and works its way to the outside.  That is balance, that is healthy, that is beautiful!

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