The Cumulative Effect


People are funny . . . almost everyone wants that one answer, that one big secret, the fastest and easiest way in or out or through whatever the issue is.  So many times we’re asked this . . . and every time we respond with “it’s not one thing, it’s everything.”  That’s the “big secret”!  Not exactly what most want to hear.  It’s sounds overwhelming.

On this blog, we speak the truth.  There is no miracle lotion, potion or cream.  There’s no pill or procedure to turn back time.  I recently added a quote on to one of my Pinterest boards that says . . . “Do not regret growing older, it’s a privilege denied to many.”  So true.

I have been speaking to so many people lately about just this.  They ask what we’re all about . . . and the first thing is health.  Without that, you have nothing.  After that is the “fluffy stuff”, but it too is important.  It does matter.  I have been on this planet 51 years now and I have never heard anyone, female or male, say they don’t want to look or feel better, that they don’t care how they look.  Never.

So the first thing I say to anyone that wants to look good for their age AND feel good for their age is . . .  take care of your health!  Be aware of what you are putting in and on your body.  Be aware of your thoughts . . . as negative people almost always look older than their years.  Be aware of your words and their impact.  Be aware.  Listen. Your body will tell you what it needs, what’s wrong, most simply don’t listen.  It’s the greatest machine on earth and your mind is the most powerful pharmacy there is. Use it.

Secondly . . . EXERCISE!  The human body was not meant to be idle, it was built to move.  I have really been observing this lately and have noticed that those who constantly move are ALWAYS healthier than couch potatoes or lazy individuals.  I have seen this over, and over, and over. This one is obvious. Whether it be yoga, a gym, walking or jogging regularly, something, anything. Do it.

Lastly, take advantage of the times we are living in.  The technology is unbelievable and yes, we do believe in it!  Facials aren’t just masks and moisturizers anymore.  The use of microdermabrasion, microcurrent, ultrasound, lasers, it all assists your skin to function in a healthy manner.  Fillers and toxins have their place too if you’re open to that.  But again, we always say, less is more!  And always using a well formulated and efficacious line of skincare products is paramount. Just using a good anti-aging cream and slapping it on your face every day isn’t going to cut it.  Or having one IPL treatment either.  Even if you do get a face lift . . . guess what?  It doesn’t last!!! Regular implementation of all mentioned is part of the cumulative effect to looking and feeling great whatever your age.

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