The Menopause Conundrum!

Having been in the throes of menopause for the last few years (since 49yrs old), I feel quite certain that I can impart to you some pertinent wisdom on the topic. That’s not to say that I’ve got all the answers by any means! I’m still on my journey to find the safest and most efficacious ways to counteract the litany of symptoms I’ve experienced during this change of life. Sifting through the plethora of information, and at times misinformation has been quite a challenge, it’s more complicated and nuanced than I could have ever imagined.
The following video is the first in a series of videos that Sue and I will be doing on the Mid-Life Woman.  Sue is in the early stages of menopause called perimenopause, and I am well within it. We both have a lot say, so say tuned!
In this video, I give an overview of menopause, it’s symptoms, it’s pluses and minuses, and the risks and benefits of hormone therapy as I see them.
We’ll keep you abreast….


  1. Hi Gigi,
    Thanks for sharing your experience of going through menopause. It is so helpful for women to know that they are not alone in what they are going through, and that there are some positive aspects to aging and ways to make it easier as we go through the process.

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