The one thing NEVER to buy online

Gigi and I were recently with world-renowned dermatologist Richard Glogau at UCSF and we were discussing all things healthy and  beautiful when something not so beautiful was brought to our attention.  He told us of a woman who had purchased some kind of filler online and then proceeded to have a friend inject it into her face!  Needless to say . . .  both of our jaws hit the floor.

Apparently this woman knew right away something was wrong as she ended up shortly thereafter with lumps and bumps and fluid buildup. After a biopsy, they found splinters of some type of glass or acrylic (like Plexiglas) in that “filler”.  The face (cheek area) had to be drained and they obviously had to remove what was injected there resulting in scars.  Put aside the cosmetic or superficial aspect . . . there could have been serious injury or even death associated with this episode!  This is why Gigi and I OVER AND OVER AND OVER say to consult with a qualified doctor or aesthetic nurse for any type of procedure, big or small!  And honestly . . . prices vary minimally from a doctor or nurse on fillers themselves so it’s really not worth “shopping it” for the best deal.  What really matters is who is performing the injections and that they are credible as they will obviously use the actual authentic brand of filler or toxin.  Gigi and I do use filler, although minimal, and believe in them.  Still do!

I pulled this photo from the web as it looks similar to what Dr. Glogau had to deal with but no where near as bad.  This is the reality of bad filler and a botched injection.


Dr. Glogau was one of the doctors in an article that appeared last week regarding this subject.  I linked the article here in case you wish to read further . . .

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