This is 90!

dotOn occasion, Gigi and I wish to introduce and to share women that inspire us for many reasons.

This is Dottie . . . .  and she is 90 years young!!

Dottie is what I hope to be when I’m 90 . . . she will not leave her house without her hair done (roots always touched up!),  makeup on (brows, eyeliner, blush, lipstick, the works!), and her french manicure in tact  . . . oh and CHUTZPAH!

She and I love to get together and kibbitz, watch old movies (she knows all the songs!), and shop online. She has more emails in her inbox than I do!

Her life story may be far from extraordinary but her marriage to her soulmate is anything but.  They met once and saw each other two other times after that before they were married (three weeks in total!). Their life together sounded so “normal” except for her crazy escapades.  She told me a story once about the time she drove home and realized when she got there that she drove the WRONG car home!  It just happened to be the same color and model of hers!   They were a very social couple, always on the golf course, and entertaining.  They had two sons that are wonderful people as well. Their last trip together was taking the QEII from New York to England where he played golf in Scotland at St. Andrews and flew back on the Concord as he wanted to share that incredible experience with her before he left this earth.  He lost his battle with cancer six months before their 50th wedding anniversary.

We should all take the time to honor those that have lived an honest and authentic life.  How we can learn from them!

This little video clip was taken this January at her water gym class that she takes three times per week.  Inspiring!

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