TLC for Eyes – Daytime

Colorescience Mineral Eyescreen SPF 30My daytime regimen is basically a serum first, eye cream WITH SUNSCREEN second. Sunscreen is really the only ingredient that differentiates day and night products and around the eyes it can be irritating especially if it’s a synthetic one like Avobenzone. I have always been concerned that we use sunscreen all over our face and bodies and can neglect the eye area if your application of facial sunscreen doesn’t get close enough.  That being said, a product containing a mineral sunscreen (titanium dioxide or zinc oxide) should not irritate and even a light dusting of a loose mineral powder with sunscreen around the eye is good unless you’re super dry then I would recommend a cream. One of our favorite mineral sunscreen brands is Colorescience and they do a formula specifically for the eye area called Sunforgettable Loose Mineral Eyescreen SPF 30 pictured to the left (

On a daily basis, I personally use Murad  Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15 pictured below.  Yes this Murad eye cream has the sunscreen Avobenzone in it (along with Octisalate and Homosalate) but it also has other good ingredients as well.  I personally don’t find it irritating which is why it’s my go to product for day especially when my makeup needs to be perfect. When I do mix up my eye creams to use or try something different, I tend to go the “dusting” route as I mentioned above.

So the reason I use this Murad product specifically is the texture of it.  I am super picky when it comes to the texture of a daytime eye cream as it can totally “screw up” how your makeup looks, i.e. concealer.  If it’s too thick, the concealer will “float and crease” no matter how it’s formulated.  If it’s to dry, it will “cake and crumble”.  I can remember spending an entire afternoon at Sephora trying EVERY SINGLE eye cream on my wrist to check the consistency until I found the right one.  For me, this Murad eye cream was it. It has the sunscreen protection I was looking for and my makeup lays down beautifully.

As for serums, I tend to use one from Professional Solutions. They have several that I love, loaded with great ingredients, and I do switch them up so it’s not just a specific one (  When applying a serum on freshly washed clean skin, it’s good to use circular motions around the eyes. Using just a little pressure without tugging on the skin, you are actually “heating” up the skin allowing the serum to really penetrate.  You’ve “fed” your skin with a good serum, now moisturize and protect it with a good cream.  There are plenty out there . . .  again try to use products that have good ingredients and if you can, use a sunscreen around your eyes.  They will thank you for it later in life, I promise!day eye cream

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