We’re back! A little older . . . a little wiser . . . and more passionate than ever! There are a few posts below from our old Blog but moving forward, we wish to impart our recent experiences, both positive and negative, to assist you all with what works, what doesn’t, and please have some fun! Everything we share is certainly beneficial on the “outside”, but we all have to start with the “inside”. Make peace with yourself and own your power Ladies! We all have our own special gifts that we are blessed with and Gigi and I are sharing ours. We are at that place in life where we feel that aging can be a distress call! Our previous Blog said it all . . . S.O.S.! Well, we are simply “Sisters Offering Secrets” . . . we are here to help! Please feel free to respond to anything we post, we wish to learn from you as well! And for the most part, you will learn our strengths separately . . . Gigi is the “scientist” and I, Sue, am the “artist”. I think that will come across moving forward and that balance will hopefully grace your lives in some way. Namaste!

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